Why did I choose this career path ?

Why did I choose this career path ?

To be honest I didn’t really look into this career path when I was younger , I was more interested

I recently got into this modelling industry since last year April 2018 when a scout from Studio Photography got in touch with me for a complementary photo shoot.

At first I did not believe that this is something I wanted to do but I said let me just go for it and see where it take me just for fun.

Then last year November I said to myself I think I should take this modelling a chance after all I am still young and I felt at the time that this was my time to do me.

I also feel like this allows me to express my emotions and creativity via photography.

I am a very determined woman that lives the passion to succeed in life and to make sure my family is secured in life as we now hit hard times in the UK.

In being determined to succeed in this career I am about to take ,

I recently was contacted by A well Know Casting Agency In The City of London (April 2019 ) and was asked to Model for some of the worlds leading clothing brands for :

  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Ann summers
  • Victoria secrets
  • Pretty little things
  • Tiger boutique
  • M&S
  • Zara

I can not express how happy I was when I received this email I couldn’t believe it.

Two days later I was fortunate to be offered a 12 month contract with them

I officially start work in July 2019. I can not wait